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Revolutionizing Security: Lumana AI Launches with $24M to Transform Video Surveillance

Lumana AI Inc., a Los Gatos-based startup, has announced its emergence from stealth mode with a substantial $24 million in seed funding. This round was co-led by Norwest Venture Partners and S Capital VC Management. The funding will be used to further develop Lumana's AI-powered security platform, which is designed to handle complex AI models on a large scale to enhance video security solutions. Founded by Sagi Ben Moshe, a former Intel executive and innovator in 3D imaging, Lumana aims to democratize visual intelligence by making advanced security technologies accessible to a broad range of organizations.

The platform operates through the Lumana Core, an AI engine that processes video footage to generate real-time alerts for specific security events. This system is designed to adapt and improve over time, offering increasingly refined alerts based on user-defined parameters. Although the costs for the core system or cameras were not disclosed, the potential for growth in the video analytics market is significant, projected to reach nearly $38 billion by 2030. Lumana's approach not only promises to revolutionize how enterprises manage security but also provides a foundation for smarter business operations through enhanced data analysis.

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