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92% Repeat Business

We believe in

Excellence is achieved through collaboration, communication, and execution. By fusing our client’s vision and goals into our planning and delivery, we are able to create environments and spaces as unique and diverse as each of our clients.

Representation of MAI's Clients

Abbott Logo (PNG) Square.png

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to all MAI staff for their hard work, dedication, commitment, and perseverance in the many successful projects you have delivered to Abbott... I have never worked with a contractor that has been so willing and flexible to adjust to the needs in the completion of our projects... Simply put, your organization is outstanding!

Cisco Logo_Square.png

With the transition, scope changes, fly-by clients changing the requirements, and at times bridging the process gaps generated by transition, this partner took all the hits without a miss! Still very much respected for a thoroughly completed job, full points on client advocacy and flexibility. The payment delays due to systems overhauls etc, was one of the biggest favors MAI Construction did for Cisco. . . Highly appreciate your hands-on management and open communications. I have come to appreciate the difficult business you are in, but the way you manage it makes it look all so- easy. Thank you again for your wonderful delivery!

Oracle Logo (PNG) Square.png

MAI was very responsive when I took over managing the project and provided me with all the necessary info for a seamless transition. I especially appreciated the open communication, wealth of knowledge, and ability to execute on tight deadlines. It’s not easy to liaise between several parties but your team did it wonderfully and always put the client in the number one priority spot. Here at Oracle, we know how important vendors like you are to our company’s missions and goals. Thank you again for successfully completing this project!

What Other Clients Say

"HeartFlow appreciates the MAI team’s efforts and assistance with moving into our new Corporate Headquarters and achieving a key milestone. Special thanks to MAI’s superintendent on this project, his enthusiasm and ability to motivate his crews have resulted in a significant increase in productivity on this project, making it possible to meet the challenging schedule. I am very impressed with your ability to transform a 5-story Abbott building into a 5-story HeartFlow building within 5 months. Please accept my sincerest gratitude for the superior job MAI Construction has done on this project."
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