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High Density Rack Lab

This project included the construction of a new 4,100 SF High Density Rack lab with 100 Racks at 13.5KW each. To accomplish the project MAI had to first relocate and condense an existing low density rack lab from 8,000 SF to 4,000 SF to form a medium density rack lab. The lab had to remain active during the condensing efforts, which required creative and consistent coordination to add/make the necessary cooling and power adjustments. Significant infrastructure improvements to Electrical, Mechanical & Structural were required to support the project. MAI worked with PG&E to increase the service feeder to the entire building to have a second 4000A Feed. In order to do this, a new medium voltage switchgear was installed as well as a 2.5MW transform to feed the new MSB sections. On the roof, MAI installed a new 400 Ton Chiller and accompanying Cooling tower, in addition to a water side economizer for greater efficiency. Structural analysis of the project revealed seismic deficiencies of the existing roof top platform which was corrected by a complete seismic retrofit of the 15,000SF & 290,000 LB rooftop equipment platform. With the aforementioned preparations in place, the new lab construction could begin. The lab was designed with a POD configuration that is fully contained for efficiency. The lab uses IRC based cooling with constant monitoring to minimize hot spots and allow for high density. The power is supplied by a Starline track busway that is fully networked for maximum insight and power monitoring. Also included in the build was a new dedicated electric room to support the lab and a dedicated secure IDF for lab operations.


Project Value

7,000 SF


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