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MAI Construction Partners with Newsschool

MAI Construction is proud to announce we are now an ongoing sponsor of Newsschool, a not-for-profit literacy program spearheaded by Bay Area News Group and sponsored by over 300 corporate donors, including MAI Construction. The program serves 108 school districts, 325 private schools, over 600,000 K-12 students in the Bay Area, and more than 60 adult schools and occupation centers.

Now more than ever, reading and writing are essential tools for success in the modern world. The Literacy Project states that in 2019, an estimated 45 million Americans were considered “functionally illiterate,” while half could not read a book meant for an 8th-grade reader. An estimated 75% of people in the welfare system cannot read, and 60% of people held in American prisoners are illiterate.

Starting early, giving children free access to newspapers in the classroom environment empowers and challenges students to develop skills they will use throughout their lives and offer them hope for a better, brighter future. The Newsschool Literacy Program works to assist educators in introducing students to the real world and vital skills such as reading, writing, mathematics, critical thinking, and news literacy. The program also provides free training, curricular materials, and other resources to educators to help them utilize newspapers as a supplementary textbook, encouraging students to critically evaluate and become active participants in current events in the world around them.

MAI Construction firmly believes our children are the keys to our future as a free, just, and advanced society. We proudly support a number of initiatives targeted at childhood health, wellness, safety, and education, such as Newsschool, which gives children the tools they need to flourish in safe, healthy, happy environments. We encourage you to look into Newsschool for yourself and see how you and your company can help them in this crucial endeavor!

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