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Connected Workspace

This tenant improvement project took place in an existing building with an operational data center and training center, encompassed over 140,000 SF, and included the demolition of two floors with a complete rebuild. Construction involved building a new breakroom, offices, conference rooms, and specialty areas.
Also included were several firsts for California, such as the use of Arktura ceiling system and a specialty wood-like powder coated aluminum ceiling. The project involved extensive coordination and planning with the data center team as the work required to complete the project had significant impact to the space. Noise was constantly considered because the first floor was an operational training center requiring several items to be coordinated around the training center’s operations.
Existing finishes remained in place in areas that were not directly affected by construction, including carpet and ceilings. The project required a creative construction approach due to the schedule and adjacent spaces. Floor cores were changed to connect trac and power poles to eliminate core above sensitive areas. Framing had to be structurally engineered due to excessive deck height.


Project Value

147,000 SF

Project Size

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