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Employee Spotlight: Nima Khatae, Project Manager at MAI Construction

At MAI Construction, we believe that our strength lies in our people. This month, we're thrilled to highlight Nima Khatae, a Project Manager whose dedication and leadership significantly impact our projects and our culture.

Nima has been with MAI Construction for several years, managing projects that span across various sectors. His approach to project management not only ensures project success but also fosters a nurturing environment for team growth and collaboration.

Supported for Success

Nima expresses his appreciation for MAI Construction, saying, "Working at MAI, I feel supported and know that my career advancement, as well as team success, is important to them." This statement reflects our commitment to each employee's professional growth and the collective success of our teams.

A Leader Amongst Leaders

As a Project Manager, Nima's role is pivotal. He coordinates between multiple teams, ensures adherence to timelines and budgets, and always ensures that the client's vision is realized flawlessly. His ability to lead with empathy and insight has earned him respect and admiration from his peers and clients alike.

Continuing to Grow

MAI Construction values the career trajectories of our employees as much as our project outcomes. By supporting Nima and others in their professional paths, we cultivate a workplace that is not only about building structures but also about building people.

Join us in celebrating Nima Khatae for his remarkable contribution to our company and the successful projects he has led. We look forward to many more achievements under his leadership in the future.

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